VENUS INCANTATIO is an exploration into the esoteric side of the planet Venus and the symbolism of the planet in occultism and mysticism; nymphs, white witches and poison apples. Allure is both a physical interaction and a magnetic spell. Its non physical side can be used as black magic and manipulation to enforce or manifest connection beyond the sovereign physical state. The point at which the beauty of illusion becomes delusion and the neglect of the real into psychosis, trickery and the misuse of divine magic for self attainment.




VENUS RITUS was written in deep shadows of codependency and lust, reaching for a higher state of being, of loving and sonically reflecting the suffocating and dense atmosphere of the planet of love, Venus. Love in its positive is liberating, in its negative and lustful state is intoxicating and suffocating. I wanted to capture this polarity, as I went through my own journey to alchemise my lustful desires into self love, forgiveness and acceptance. Exploring the divine beauty of feminine physicality, connected to the archetypes of Aphrodite, Madonna etc and connecting these to the planet and its reference to the physical female body.


Venus Ritus

Venus Ritus



The symbolism of the pentagram and apple in religious and mythological texts coincide with the sacred geometry of the planet Venus in relation to Earth. As Venus dances around our planet it expresses a five-point orbit, mirrored in the symbol of the pentagram, in the core of an apple and the 5 points in the human/animal geometries (2 arms, 2 legs, one head). This numerology of 5 is important as it is the sacred numerology of the elements (air, water, fire, earth, aether), of which when one masters can utilise for conscious manifestation in the physical realm. Also the physical senses, of which there are five and each relates to an element (taste/water, smell/earth, touch/air, sight/fire, sound/aether) and relates to the word senses, sensual, sensory and sensitive. The upside-down pentagram, often referenced as anti-cosmic or anti-christ - "christ" meaning to move with the motion of the cosmic law and anti-christ to violate the cosmic law; manipulation, black magic and dark sorcery illuminates the misuse of these powers for egotistical personal gain, self-orientated desire (in opposition to selfless desire) and malevolent manipulation. 

The presence of Venus is most observable in the beauty of nature, the magic spell of the natural world that evokes harmony, peace and transcendence and its frequency of healing and nurturing. This beauty, innocence and virginity is reflected in the young female and her sensual sexual allure that separates her from the male in polarity to create the necessary tension and harmony for physical reproduction. Mars and Venus are both planets that govern physical creation (procreation) and the youthful/adolescent states of masculinity and femininity - which are expressed during puberty as more polarised. This polarisation is important to encourage procreation and sexual development and is why Venus rules over the esoteric physicality of the female body and her access point into her more mystical and magical psychological potentials from her physical body (Neptune is the higher expression and mastery of this energy; the archetype of the healer, nursing, energy medicine, the grandmother and the goddess and to separate mystical realism from psychological illusion).

In astrology, Venus is referenced to the signs Libra and Taurus. The expression of the soft and volatile harmony and mediation of air in Libra (which suffers the tension of disharmony) can be observed best in insects (bees, dragonflies, butterflies, beetles), tropical birds and flowers, where earth and air elements combine within the animal kingdom. Here it also governs laws and natural laws and is translated into the legal system (which although currently corrupted, should technically govern the laws of cause of and effect, consequence and to uphold the natural or family/social laws) - where the scales and concept of justice/retribution/karmic consequence is referenced. Taurus can be observed in the more grounded and embodied plant and animal life (mammals and trees); where in symbiosis all have important harmonic value and provide sustenance, are part of evolutionary families and why the sign is referenced to family, sustainability, currency and personal values.  Which logically further express themselves as monetary systems, family (personal or community) values and sustainability of resources.

From the Sun until Pluto, our solar ecosystem of planets express the distribution of energetic realms of physicality and psyche from the physical form (ego and persona) to the non physical form (astral body and higher self). Planets closer to the sun govern our dense physicality, individual separation, physical missions and planets further away, our non physical dimensions and capacity to tune into dimensions beyond our physical 3D limited states to connect beyond the ego-self (5D and beyond). Saturn, resting at the meeting point of power between the light of the sun and the darkness of space (often depicted as the checkerboard, chessboard, yin/yang etc) represents the meeting point of the physical (light ruled) and the non physical (dark ruled) and to discern between physicality and psychology, positive and negative via the 4d mental plane, between observable reality and experiential reality, attachment and detachment. In the magnetic polarity of the feminine, Venus is linked to the Earth/Moon (the feminine reproductive system and emotion/water body) , the Sun's feminine magnetic properties of holding our ecosystem together (it's light emissions are masculine) and Neptune (the higher realms of divine feminine energy, dreams, illusions, psychosis, surrender and dissolution). It is important here to look beyond physical gender, the male is merely an embodiment of the electric polarities of cosmic energy, the female, of the magnetic. Both can be transcended consciously beyond physical gender. Although until puberty, they are expressed in a more physical and separated polarity.