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Kris vango. music for the planets. Astrology. Art. Music.


From the density of physicality to the subtly of non physicality. On this album each track is reference to each chakra system. Ard is the base chakra and form. Ascension is the sacral chakra. Void is the solar plexus chakra. Hurricane of light is the heart chakra. Conscious and dreaming is the throat chakra. Theta is the mind chakra and karman line is the crown chakra. These also bridge earth to sky. And the inner earth to the outer earth which we connect our aura to via these energetic portals. When listening try and focus energy on each point as you move through the album. Ard being the Earth's core. Ascension the lava and tectonic creative and destructive forces.  Void the ego, the self and the individualisation of being. Hurricane of light Earth's ecosystem, weather system and ecological harmony. Conscious and dreaming the atmosphere. Theta the stratosphere, ozone and containment of earth and the karman line to go beyond the aura of earth. To leap into the unknown and to explore space beyond.



Kris vango. music for the planets. Astrology. Art. Music.
Ard (Ard)
Ascension (Ard)
Void (Ard)


Digital Audio Release:
Additional Vocals Track Three "Void" Sylvie Chen
Additional vocals Track 6 "Theta" Lyra Pramuk

Cover Art Photo: Nico Stephou

Void Clip:

Costume/Concept: Shalva Idinaxuishvili Camera: Ines Bodlovic

Miss Nobody: Sascha Bewersdorff

Ard Clip:

Concept & Costume: Hermes Pittakos Performance: Federica Dauri & Lisa Stertz 

Video - Ouroboros

Ard Visual Album:

Some scenes Envato Elements

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