Named after the element of physicality (3D) earths are located in the habitable zone of each solar system. A cosmic canvas where the physical and non physical meet in perfect harmony. An orientation of the dimensions to be expressed in the physical. In habitable zones the alchemical elements are expressed in their most fluent and symbiotic state enabling the experiential to meet with the observable and for life to flourish. Ebbing and flowing through death and rebirth as the expression of god and the cosmos experiences itself and its creation. The fundamental element here is water and its median temperature. Where water flows, life grows.


I believe each solar system has its own design. A solar system with two suns would give birth to organisms with two hearts for example and our physical and psychological states can be mapped and understood by expressions through mythos and logos relating to each planet and their representation of certain components of ourselves. Once we fragment ourselves and school ourselves on the geometry, energy and symbolism of each we can more consciously reassemble ourselves with a knowing of our role, purpose and cosmic design and - through this able to work better with the cosmic laws and not subconsciously against them. When we work with the cosmos we experience harmony, vitality, joy and presence. When we work against them we experience anxiety, pain, illness and depression. 


My earth music divides earth into 7. Seven is a number that has important resonance to earth/s. It relates to phi and the Fibonacci sequence of where all is numerically organised into one. The cosmic spiral. This power of 7 is what constitutes the main chakra energy system in Vedic wisdom. Where our physical bodies and capacity to receive & express can be broken down into 7 channels.

From the density of physicality to the subtly of non physicality. On this album each track is reference to each chakra system. Ard is the base chakra and form. Ascension is the sacral chakra. Void is the solar plexus chakra. Hurricane of light is the heart chakra. Conscious and dreaming is the throat chakra. Theta is the mind chakra and karman line is the crown chakra. These also bridge earth to sky. And the inner earth to the outer earth which we connect our aura to via these energetic portals. When listening try and focus energy on each point as you move through the album. Ard being the earths core. Ascension the lava and tectonic creative and destructive forces.  Void the ego, the self and the individualisation of being. Hurricane of light earths ecosystem, weather system and ecological harmony. Conscious and dreaming the atmosphere. Theta the stratosphere, ozone and containment of earth and the karman line to go beyond the aura of earth. To leap into the unknown, to venture into space and from matter to dark matter. We can expand our aura and awareness by aligning ourselves to these systems. Like a expansion map. As we expand our aura we perceive and experience more of our solar system and I turn ourselves and our potential. Once we go beyond, our other planetary family can guide us to encompass the whole solar system within our aura and awareness. To galaxies, universes and multiple dimensions. A lifting of the veil of the physical ego and the zero point of our awareness.

So ard and earth and soil and the core of earth is the zero point of this project. From there you can choose your own solar adventure.