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Kris Vango. Music for the planets. Art. Music. Astrology.
Kris Vango. Music for the planets. Art. Music. Astrology.

My vision is to create music for our solar system, making audio and visual works central to each planet (Earth, Mars, Venus, Mercury etc) and using them to explore comos and psyche. Exploring the intersection between shamanism and science.

I have a background in graphic design, ux and various alternative healing and sound bath etc. It is a reflection of my nomadic soul and exploration of world culture and the human condition. Somewhat spiritual, somewhat anthropological and in a alien pop art aesthetic. The work I create is a little bit an imagining, or delusion, that by expressing my own journey in the abyss of my mind, to guide others by art to explore those psychological streams of consciousness themselves but to find a new mythological visual language for them. 

I use genre as gender and express gender through varying vocal treatments where I can be hyper masculine, or hyper feminine, trans, or alien. Using the music to express many characters and archetypes. This project is essentially a prayer to our planetary friends, the orgasmic cosmic creation and an artistic reflection of my own spiritual explorations and processes that can hopefully guide others or to encourage them to find their own path. 

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