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Kris Vango. Music for the planets. Art. Music. Astrology.
Kris Vango. Music for the planets. Art. Music. Astrology.

Kris Vango, is the pseudonym of musical composer, graphic designer and astrologer Kristen Howard. An ongoing project forging a musical map of the solar system. Producing audio and visual works central to each planet and their moon/moon systems, reflecting his obsession with the space in-between cosmos and psyche. The material and immaterial. The organic and the synthetic. Logos and mythos.


Born in Australia of UK descent, Kris has based themselves for the greater part of the last decade in Berlin, Germany and Athens, Greece. Working within the underground scenes of Athens & Berlin producing and collaborating locally through music and other multi-disciplinary formats, performing within their queer alt-techno scenes. The project combines their natural overground upbringing in Australia with the concrete urban synthesis inspired by the underground scenes of electronic music-mecca, Berlin and the omnipresent meta mythological backdrop of Greece. Nomadic at heart and a self-described “digital vagabond artist” in constant travel with most of their sound and visual work produced on-the-road and in response to nature, monuments and cultural iconography - their sounds echo taking the side roads in nostalgic reflection and taking time to enjoy the view.


Identifying as non binary, Kris Vango switches genre like gender and expresses identity through varying vocal treatments where they can be hyper masculine, or hyper feminine, demonic, angelic, trans, or alien. With a backdrop of expansive and warping sounds that express many characters and archetypes. Blending acid techno, cybermetal, 90’s house and hyper-pop with ambient meditations, complex IDM-fused binaural beats and experimental works. A project that is essentially an extended prayer to our planetary friends, the orgasmic cosmic creation and an artistic reflection of their own spiritual explorations, learnings and processes that can hopefully guide others to inner space exploration or to encourage them to find their own relationship to the planets through sound.








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