As a healing component to my art I also offer one-on-one astrology readings to understand the psychological link between planetary energies and our psyché. My astrology consults focus on evolutionary astrology and the link between the non-physical self, the collective self (our communities and shared humanities) and our personal relationship to the physical environment. Readings are €55 per hour and are focussed on giving you tools to understand and investigate your own astrology chart (I prefer to guide my clients into their chart and develop their own relationship to the horoscope, I do not predict futures). I believe strongly in astrology as an effective self empowerment tool and offer affordable prices for this reason.

I focus on reading karma and unlocking your truth through investigation of the birth chart. Every person has unique storylines that repeat in multiple ways displayed in the angles, positions and interactions of planets in the birth chart (your unique entry into a sovereign body and entity). Each one of us has a unique path in this life and astrology is just one way to unpack and understand the karmic duties we must face in life in order to grow, expand and evolve. Every action has a consquence and we all carry with us personal consquences, collective social consequences and duties and past-life/hereditary karmas that can inhibit us from stepping into our full power without full understanding of what is being asked of us. My readings and assisted learning empower you to investigate and own your own karmic storylines, so that you do not feel punished by life and can  move to a place of inviting in challenges in full understanding of their necessary role in balance, harmony and finding a cosmic equalibrium (inner and outer peace).

I also offer one-on-one tibetan sound bowl baths and consultations (Currently Athens residents only) For €50 per hour. I use information from your chart along with planetary bowls that resonate at the cosmic octave for either relaxation or specific applications.

If you are interested in this please email me here