Monthly Astrology Binaural Full Moon 10 minute Meditation Series.


Capricorn represents our root system, our anchor into reality and the physical. It has dominated our lives these past years and we're (slowly) moving out of it now. The lessons we should have taken from this time is that our roots are not dry and cold, our traditions are not our enemies, where we come from is not to be denied. Our roots and origins also are our memories... because our roots also connect to water and the deep waters of memory that bring us deep emotional connection and empathy. So it is in our traditions and our memories we can find each other, we must make peace with our memories, our ancestors, our indigenous origins and our traditions simultaneously while transforming and adapting to the demands of the future. When the future hates the past, we disconnect ourselves from ourselves and from our humanity in all good and bad forms.



Sagittarius full moon is a time to be fearless in pursuit of the truth, internally and externally. How do you want to expand, create and align yourself to your greatest sense of truth, what are your philosophies? What role can you play in greater transparency, understanding and clarity?



Full Moon Scorpio is speaking to our deepest fears, insecurities and traumas and collective healing. Focus on embracing the shadow parts of yourself, accept and forgive yourself for your fears, sexualities and addictions. Give love to the more devilish sides to yourself and accept yourself for all that you are. Shame and guilt are the emotions to identify in this moon.