My vision is to sonically explore our solar system, creating audio and visual works central to each planet (Earth, Mars, Venus, Mercury etc). Exploring the intersection between shamanism and science, utilising contemporary art, visual and sound frequency to find language to bridge the often polarised realms of institution and intuition. Fact and faith. Logos and mythos. Astronomy and astrology.

With a background in graphic design, ux and more recently yogic philosophy and sound bowl and binaural - for healing and medicinal purpose. The projects vision is to one day be an educational planetarium that facilitates the intersection of these two polarised fields, of indigenous instinctual embodiment and natural symbiosis (shamanism) and of quantum entanglements and technological wizardry (science). Imagining blending scientific observations of planets with VR immersive experiences that explore their more metaphysical and artistic personalities. Where technology supports conscious growth and does not attempt to colonise it.

Identifying as non binary, I use genre as gender and express gender through varying vocal treatments where I can be hyper masculine, or hyper feminine, trans, or alien. I use identity to shape shift through my artistic process. A ritual to our planetary friends and an artistic reflection of my own spiritual explorations and processes that can hopefully guide others or to encourage them to find their own path.