KRIS VANGO’s vision is to map and document our solar system through narrative sound, creating sonic and visual works central to each planetary body. Sonically, KRIS VANGO traverses a cross pollination and re-evolution of club music’s sonic textures, with a re-connecting to the Shamanic origins of uniting collectives into a shared experience – utilising genre and collaboration as tools to construct immersive planetary soundscapes. In live performance, KRIS VANGO constructs a sonic journey that often feels like a tour through the cosmos, intentionally blending sounds of each

planetary concept piece together with live instrumentation, visual components and voice manipulation.

Following on from debut pieces, ‘Ard’ (Earth) and ‘Mother Moon’ (Moon), in 2020 Kris released ‘Venus Ritus/Venus Incantatio’ (Venus) and is currently working on the next planetary soundtracks; ‘Ares’ (Mars) and ‘Messenger’ (Mercury). The planet soundscapes reflect KRIS VANGO’s own non-binary relationship to gender and blur the lines between the classic male and female binaries often seen in traditional metaphysical philosophies (eg; Mars and Venus; male and female), re-appropriating them into a more socio-contemporary experience. It is KRIS VANGO’s intention to re-envision the mythological stories of all our planetary family through music and various artistic mediums, evolving their symbolism and mythology into contemporary experiences — using the planets as a metaphor for our physical, spiritual, emotional and mental relationships to consciousness and answer the deeper questions of how our experience of being human may be shaped and influenced by the gravities circling us and how planets may in fact, be conscious entities and possess awareness beyond our understanding from the physical human perspective: the exploration of cosmos and psyche.

KRIS VANGO is currently based in Berlin & Athens and was born in Sydney, Australia, they have an extensive background in various multi-disciplinary artistries including graphic design, illustration, UX, video work, sound production and more recently alternative healing techniques including Tibetan sound bowl therapies, yoga teaching, binaural frequency healing and astrology.